Fitness call to action.

It's a Lifestyle: Fitness

Fitness is not a quick fix. It's a process.

It's a journey and not a destination.

You shouldn't all of a sudden require the need to drop 10-15 lbs because your best friend is getting married and you need to fit in your dress, or you are headed south for beach vacation. You should live it as a lifestyle year in- year out.

See yourself as a train with each station/stop as 'drop' and 'pick' point. It will require baby steps at first but enjoy the process. As you move along this path at each stop you are dropping off and/or picking up. Dropping off bad habits such as smoking, eating junk or drinking too much and picking up good habits such as drinking enough water in the day, making sure you eat 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. And as you keep moving along, you keep dropping and picking.

I would emphasize on the need to morph into the process. Trying to stop an act suddenly especially if it's become a habit is humanly hard and becomes a stress factor in itself which could ultimately lead to weight gain due to increase in cortisol level. So try reduction as a first step as opposed to elimination. If you have a habit of drinking 4-5 bottles of beer at a sitting try reducing to 2-3 bottles then 1-2 and it’ll be easier to stop and from a positive perspective? If you drink about 1-2 8oz glass of water a day try increasing that to 2-3 glasses then 5-6 until you are at 8 glasses a day.

With each 'drop' or 'pick' you get closer to each goal you've set for yourself and remember it's not a sudden fix. It's a process. You cannot expect your body to lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks naturally if you've neglected it for 6 years and you ate junk, drank like a fish with little to no exercise.

Understanding that you need to help your body help you is the first step in the journey. A catch 22? Yes. Do good to your body by eating right-knowing what to eat, When to eat and how to eat,-exercising regularly and when you need your body to help you such as immune you from sicknesses or protect you from injuries. It would deliver.

Listen. Your body is smart and the truth is weight gain isn't a problem but your body trying to temporarily solve a problem; (I will expand on this subject in the next blog) which in the long run becomes a permanent problem. So help your body as it's trying to help you.

Be Fit Smart.

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